Work With Me

If you would like me to mix your song, contact me at:

My current rate is $200 a song, with up to 2 revisions.

If you would like me to film a mix walk through of how I mixed your song, where I show you my Eq, compression, Effects, and balancing moves, the rate will be $300 a song. (Hurry, because these rates will rise in the near future)

What’s cool about the mix walk through, is if you have a whole album you want mixed, you can see the moves I did on one of your songs, then take that information, and YOU can mix the rest of your album.

For instance, If the same drums were played on your album, in the same room, on the same day as the song I mixed, the processing will be very similar.

Having a guide to get you in the right spot can be really beneficial.

Again, email me at with your project details, and I will walk you through what I need from you for me to get started.

I look forward to working with you!