Vocal Effects Tip: Vocal Throws

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Vocal effects can add excitement and energy to a mix that I like to call “ear candy”.

In this particular case I show you how to set up a simple vocal throw using a delay and a little automation.
A vocal throw is basically a repeat of a sung or spoken word or phrase in a song.
You’ve all heard it.
For example: If in the song the lyrics went “You’re a little heartbreaker”, then you would here the repeat of “breaker, breaker, breaker”.
A vocal throw or repeat was set up so you would only hear the tail end of the word “heartbreaker”.
Vocal effects come in all shapes and sizes from delays, reverbs, distortion, telephone effects, and many more.
The hard part is to know when and where to use them and make them tasty.
It’s really easy to go overboard because vocal effects are so much fun to use!
A good practice is to study, not copy, your favorite mixes/genres that are popular or have always been popular and learn from the greats and people who have had success already.
By breaking down mixes in your genre and others, you can come up with your own version of what’s popular.
Or invent something new and be a trend setter!
There are no rules!
Check out how to set up a simple vocal throw below.
Comment below and let me know what you think.
Happy Mixing!

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