Sometimes Dramatic Mixing Moves Is What It Takes

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Mixing Tips
Use your EARS not your eyes when mixing

Sometimes we, that includes me, get caught up in the visual aspect of mixing instead of the audible aspect WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!

We are mixing music aren’t we?!

In todays digital world, we see everything we are working on.

If you pull up a parametric EQ, odds are it will have a graphic on the screen showing you exactly what you are doing.

This is where we can get scared to do a drastic move.

If I boost or cut a frequency by a ton of DBs I tend to think,

“Scott, thats way too much of a boost. That’s against the rules”

Well guess what? There are no rules! Do what sounds good!

Yes there are some basic fundamentals we need to follow when recording and mixing, but my motto is, if it sounds good, then it’s the right move.

I sometimes don’t live up to that motto, and have to remind myself it’s ok to use drastic mixing moves if that’s what the song calls for.

Check out my latest mixing video where I show you what I mean.

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