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Great Mixes Start On Recording Day. Make Sure You Know How To Record Tracks That Virtually Mix Themselves!

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What You Get Inside Recording With Confidence Video Course…

Watch my EXACT method for recording a band from start to finish inside a home studio.

  • Recording Drums And Bass

    Watch every step I take for recording Killer drums and bass sounds that make the rhythm section rockin’!

  • Recording Electric Guitar and Fiddle

    Watch how I use mic position as EQ to get the perfect electric guitar tone! I’ll also show you how to mic up a fiddle that sits just right in the recording!

  • Recording Vocals And Acoustic Guitar

    Vocals are the MOST important part of the recoding in 98% of genres. I’ll show you how the pros get that great vocal sound that mix themselves! I’ll also show you various acoustic guitar mic positions that will sound amazing.

  • Watch How I Produce The Musicians

    Being able to produce on the fly and get the correct performance is key to a successful recording session. Watch how I interact with each musician and bring out the best in their playing.

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