Producing Electric Guitar To sound BIG and Wide!

Electric Guitar

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When recording electric guitar to sound big and wide, a lot of people think the more takes the better.

You would think that makes sense right?
It’s actually counter intuitive when it comes to producing electric guitar.
There is only so much space for the instruments in a mix to occupy when it comes to frequencies.
The more guitars you stack on the left, right, and center could actually make things sound smaller.
This is because of so many frequencies in all those takes canceling out each other and crowding up all that space.
A great technique I’ve learned over the years is to record just a few electric guitar takes, but make them all sound unique and stand out on their own.
If you can use LCR panning (left, Center, Right) you can make the guitars sound big and wide.
The key is to have a different guitar tone for each take. Also a slightly different strumming pattern that compliment each other.
I call it ear candy.
Click here to learn how to record electric guitars with different mic positions as EQ.
Little things here and there that just make a listeners ear perk up.
The key is to keep the listener interested throughout the whole song. If they get bored then we lose their attention.
Not good.
I’ve put together a little video ¬†below to show you what I mean.
Check it out and then comment below and let me know your thoughts.
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