What if you could create the professional quality mixes you've always wanted by following a proven mixing system with real world practical easy to understand techniques that will impress friends, family, new fans, and paying clients, faster... all in the comfort of your home studio on the gear you already own?

Discover the complete easy to follow mixing system that can literally transform your mixes from amature quality mixes  to professional quality almost overnight.


My name is  Scott Wiggins -Father, Husband, Musician, Engineer and founder of The Recording Solution.


I've always loved recording studios.

I loved when it was time for me and my band to record a new record.

The excitement of getting to go in the studio and fire up the amps, get the drums sounding just right, and spending a whole week or so creating art from thin air.

I used to watch the engineers working behind the console and the DAW they were using looked like something out of a spaceship. It was so cool.

Over a span of a decade on 3 separate albums, I got to work with grammy nominated engineers and see how they worked to record my records.

The problem was it cost a lot of money to rent out the studio, pay for recording, mixing, and mastering.

We spent over $10k on each record.

Our last record we had saved up $10k for the studio from gigs, but a month before we were going into the studio our band trailer got stolen.

We had to replace guitars, amps, and parts of the drum kit. It was gut wrenching!

We then had to borrow money from a friend so we could pay for studio time. I hated doing that. I like to pay for things myself. I don't like owing people. But we had no choice.

It was that moment that I decided I would learn how to do this.

I would learn how to record and mix my own band in my own studio, and cut down on the cost.

We would be able to crank out more music faster and cheaper.

I could also record my friend's bands and other artists to supplement my income. Yeah! That's what I'll do!

I started looking into attending audio schools and quickly realized that was very expensive and would take a full time commitment.

I just wasn't able to do that at the time.

So I started thinking...

I had watched the grammy winning engineers that had recorded my albums, and thought how hard could it be!

You set up a mic, point it at whatever you want to record, capture the whole band that way, pull up the mix, slap on some plugins and BOOM! You got yourself an amazing mix!


Embarrassingly wrong...

I started to devour Youtube tutorials for hours and then try to implement them in my recordings and mixes.

Over the years I got better at recording, but my mixes still suffered. I just couldn't get them to sound right.

 No  matter what trick, or tip I tried, my mixes flat out sucked.

When compared to my favorite songs from my favorite artists, it was embarrassing. 

I bought a few expensive plugins that were marketed to me as the "savior" to all my mixing problems.

That didn't help, because I still didn't know what I was doing or how to use them properly.

What a waste of money. Ugh!

It wasn't until I stopped spending money on new gear and plugins I didn't need, and started investing in my training that things started to turn around for me and my mixes.

I eventually was able to record and mix my own records, and even get my songs played on the radio!

You see, I had songs on the radio before. Some even made it in the top 10 on the Texas Music Chart, but those were recorded and mixed by Grammy nominated engineers.

THIS TIME the songs on the radio were recorded and mixed by ME!

This led to other artists in the scene asking me to record and mix their projects. And get paid to do it!

Things started turning around when I got the proper training and learned a proven system.

It wasn't my gear holding me back I can tell you that.

You've Been Lied To...

Learning how to mix can be overwhelming.

And I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault.

You’ve been lied to.

You see, mainstream music production software and hardware  companies want you to believe that your mixes are suffering because you don’t have the expensive plugins or outboard gear that they are selling.

They want you to believe your audio interfaces don't have a good enough quality of converters...

Or your vocals stink because you don't have the right microphones.

Not only that, they have the biggest engineers in the world inside multi-million dollar studios showing you advanced mixing techniques that are WAY over your head, and they don't really reveal the entire process...step by step in real world practical examples.

You can’t seem to achieve the same results with your stock  plugins and budget gear inside your modest home studio…

In the past you could go to your local recording studio and try to get an internship, so that you could learn in person with an experienced audio engineer.

Although this is still an option, the reality is these opportunities are almost impossible to find these days.

So, you are left reading articles, getting on recording and mixing forums, and searching endlessly through a sea of Youtube videos trying to piece it all together.

and this can all get overwhelming. 


There is a solution...

Over the past 20 years of being a musician and 10 of those years  being a serious audio engineer, I’ve discovered a method of using real world, practical mixing techniques and best practices that are simple, easy to follow, and you can implement them inside your mixes today and HEAR the results almost immediately.

These are the same techniques that have helped many of my students like Keith achieve better mixes inside their home studio. Here's what Keith had to say...

"I just want to say how absolutely fantastic the "Mixing With Confidence" video course is.  I have been home recording myself for many years and thought I'd got it all right; till I tried Scott Wiggin's mixing course; how wrong I was, it appears I knew nothing. I have now remixed all my old recordings. I gave my remixed CD to a musician friend; he phoned me next day wanting to know where I had the recordings done and was amazed when I said "in my bedroom".  They sound so professional.

Keith R. (Student)

 I have some great news for you.

I’ve accumulated all these mixing techniques and best practices that i've learned over the better part of a decade, and put them  into an easy to follow, step by step video course.



This is the only mixing program that will allow you to feel confident in your mixing decisions and not second guess yourself.

Help you finally create clear and focussed separation between all your tracks inside your mix.

Help you create a tonal balance between the low, mid, and high frequency ranges. 

Help you make mixing decisions not only faster, but with a purpose and deep understanding of why you are doing what you are doing in that moment.

You will be able to do all of this WITHOUT having to spend more money on expensive plugins or gear, or start your mix over only to waste more time and be disappointed by the end result once again. 

Or worse, hire another mix engineer to finish the job that you wanted to accomplish.

This program will help you create the quality of mixes that you can be proud of and finally feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you did it yourself.

Over the course of 7 action packed and easy to follow modules, I lay out for you my exact system for creating pro quality mixes without skipping one step

Here's a sneak peak at what you will get inside Mixing With Confidence...

Module 1

  • Balancing Act - The most important but most overlooked step to setting up your mix session for faster and better end results. Skip This and your mixes will continue to suffer.

Module 2 

  • Solid Foundation - How to ensure your drums are not fighting you from the start. This easy step will make the difference between a professional drum mix or amateur hour.

Module 3

  • The Big Reveal - How to pull the cloudy muddy film off your tracks to create a tonally balanced mix between the low, mid, and high frequencies that have a clear and present obvious separation even in a crowded mix with lots of tracks.

           Learn the #1  EQ secret that will virtually transform your mixes almost overnight, and make sure that your mixes translate in all real world listening environments. This is a method to guarantee your mixes will sound great in your car, on your headphones, and on any set of earbuds.   

By using Real World Practical EQ strategies and techniques you will learn how to carve out space for every instrument inside your mix, all the while keeping the mix full, warm, and musical.

Your kick and bass guitar will be in perfect harmony and compliment each other.

Your guitars and drums will be huge and punchy, but also leave room for the vocals.

  • The lion Tamer - Learn how to control and tame the dynamics of your tracks with easy to follow practical Compression techniques that bring excitement and energy to your mixes. 

Learn powerful compression techniques that allow you to keep the natural musical feel of your tracks, and have them focussed and exactly where you want them to sit.  

Module 4  

  • The King and Queen -  Learn proven vocal mixing techniques that allow your vocals to rule the mix. Your vocals will cut through and shine no matter how many tracks you have. Your vocals will never get lost again.

           Vocals are the most important part of 99% of all genres. Weather it’s a male or female vocalist, you will learn how to use EQ to carve out space inside your mix so that your vocals are never lost and always the star of the show.

Vocals are one of the most dynamic instruments and can go from super quiet and soft to hard hitting and loud in an instant. Learn how the pros use compression to create a balanced, present, captivating vocal performance that will have your listeners begging for more, and returning clients who want you to mix their projects again and again. 

Module 5 

  • 3D Mind Freak - Learn how to create a 3D listening experience using strategic Reverbs and Delays that will take your listener on a roller coaster ride of emotions, and become a super fan of your music and mixing skills.

      You will learn how to create space and depth in your mix that will seem like you are sitting in the room with the actual players. 

Module 6

  • Automatic Mixing - Have your DAW mix for you

Learn how to use automation so that every part of your mix breaths with musicality, and does EXACTLY what you want... when you want it…    without having to touch the faders.

It’s as easy as setting and forgetting. 

Module 7 

  • The Final Act - Learn how the professionals reference tracks and how to put the final touches on a mix to make it stand up next to any professional mix in your genre. This will turn your good mix to great!

On top of that, to make your mix training as fail-proof as possible I’ve also included some killer bonus content inside what I call “The Mixing Tool kit”

Here is some of the amazing stuff packed inside...

1. Downloadable Audio Files - I will provide you with the downloadable audio files from not only the song I teach on inside Mixing With Confidence, but 3 more full songs to practice on. You will have 4 full songs from different genres (Hip Hop, Country, Country Rock, Americanna) so that you can practice your new mixing chops. Just download them, import them into your DAW of choice and start mixing!

2. Mixing Cheat Sheet - I will provide you with a mixing cheat sheet which outlines the mixing process, so that at a glance you can make sure you're following all the steps on your next mix. Think of it as a checklist you can reference each mix, so that you know you will end up with the best results possible

3. Optimizing Your Room PDF - If your room is not optimized for you to hear what you need to hear, then it will be an uphill battle to create a pro mix. You Will be constantly battling your room reflections and resonances which can mask and alter what is actually coming out of your speakers. I will explain EXACTLY what you can do to optimize your room and listening environment even if you're on a budget. I will also include listening techniques that the pros use on every mix to help you achieve that pro sound in less than ideal spaces.

You see, I'm committed to making sure you have all the training and material you need so that you can quickly take your mixing skills to the next level and accomplish your goals.

“The concepts and mixing tips in the videos were very helpful. After applying them, I definitely noticed a difference in my mixes. I would recommend these videos to anyone trying to improve their mixing”

George M. (Student)

Mixing With Confidence Is For You If...

  • You are serious about creating a pro sounding mix inside your home studio

  • You're tired of spending hours or days on your mix and it still does not sound clear, exciting, and doesn’t measure up to your favorite pro mixes.

  • If you're ready to finally feel a sense of accomplishment after you HEAR the amazing mixes you've created inside your home studio.

  • You want real world practical strategies that are easy to follow, understand, and that you can quickly implement today and hear the results.

  • You Don't want to spend any more money on 3rd party plugins or gear and use what you already own.

Mixing With Confidence Is NOT For You If....

  • If you’re looking for a magic pill to creating pro mixes. You have to put in the work and practice. You will hear results quickly, but to really get good it takes repetition. I’ve supplied you with the knowledge and practice material, but you have to take the action. 

Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I use The DAW and Plugins I already Have?  Yes! You can use ANY mixing software. As long as you have the stock EQ, Compression, and FX plugins inside whatever DAW you are comfortable on you will be able to follow along and implement the techniques. 

Can’t I just watch all your free content on youtube to learn this? You can absolutely watch a bunch of free content and try to piece all of it together, but you will inevitably have more questions and gaps in your knowledge by doing it that way. Not too mention the time it will take to piece it all together. I’m offering you a fast track complete system to save you time and frustration.  I also go into more depth and explanation than my free content. 

Is this course for beginners or advanced engineers? It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning or have been doing this for years. There is something in here for everyone. From the very beginning to advanced… This course has you covered. 

How will I get access to the training? You will create a username (your email) and password on the checkout page, and as soon as you check out you will be redirected to your member's dashboard page where you can immediately start watching the video course.  You will also receive an email with important course information and instructions on where you can change your password at any time in your members profile section on the site. The videos will be MP4, written content are PDFs, and the audio files are WAV. 

Other programs out there teach on the products they are selling, so you don't have access to them unless you buy more gear and plugins you don't need.

Others are over complex, highly technical, and don't show you step by step, and assume you know more than you know.

The Mixing With Confidence Video Course is not a gimmick...

Instead, it's a proven, repeatable, practical mixing system that can take your raw tracks and turn them into a polished professional sounding mix faster on the gear you already own.

Now I’m sure you can see how powerful a program like this is!

You might be wondering “How much will this cost me?” 

You see, you could go to audio school and pay  $20,000 - $84,000 to get a degree or certificate to learn these techniques. 

That's a huge investment in time and money and comes with a lot of debt you have to pay back if you take out loans

You could buy a higher end audio interface thinking it's your converters that are the problem. That Could cost you $1,000-2000 and up.

You could also buy that high end $1,000+ microphone hoping that will fix the quality of your mixes.

But would that guarantee you better quality mixes every time inside your home studio?

You could hire an experienced mix engineer which can cost you $150-$300 a song on the low end, and if you’re releasing a 10 song Album that could range from  $1500 - $3,000 total cost. That doesn’t even include Mastering.  

But you still wouldn’t know how to do it yourself. 

The whole goal here is for you to learn how to create the mixes you've always wanted and feel a sense of accomplishment.

So for that reason, I wanted to make a course like this for the small home studio owner and musician who just want to put out quality sounding music without going broke as accessible as possible.

And that's why you can get instant access to the entire Mixing With Confidence Video Course with a one time payment starting at only $47.

"This course was very revealing and gave real world examples of proper EQ and compression techniques that are often mentioned but not fully illustrated like this."

George M. (Student)


I've packed a lot of value inside the Mixing With Confidence course because not only do I want you to accomplish your mixing goals, but I wanted to make it as fail proof as possible.

And to take all the financial risk off of you, I'm going to give you a 60 day  100% money back guarantee with your purchase of the Mixing With Confidence Video Course.

That’s right: Go through the course, check out the bonuses, follow the steps, put in the work, and if you don’t love it in the first 60 days of your purchase, send me an email with proof of purchase, and I’ll refund you immediately. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

If you go through this course and you do not hear an improvement whatsoever inside your mixes, then I don't want to keep your money.

Also, if you sign up for the Mixing With Confidence Course today you can get access to some exclusive bonus material and further trainings...

Bonus #1


EQ Master Class ($97 Value)

 Take a deeper dive into understanding EQ. I will break down the Frequency range and terms associated with some of the most common instruments. You will learn when, where, how, and why to us EQ in real world practical applications, but with a deeper understanding.  You will also learn more advanced techniques to take your EQ skills to the next level. Never second guess your EQ decisions again and hear the results for yourself.

  • Learn how to know when you're done EQing and to not over do it

  • Learn advanced Mid/Side EQ techniques that can save a mix

  • Learn how to use a multiband compressor as an automated EQ to add life and excitement to vocals, bass guitars, and even a whole mix.

  • Learn the power of EQ filters and the way the pros use them.

  • and much more!

Bonus #2


My popular Recording With Confidence Video Course ($147 value)

 Watch step by step how I set up a band inside my home studio and capture the quality of recordings that virtually mix themselves. The worst thing you can do on recording day is tell yourself "I'll just fix it in the mix".

You are setting yourself up for failure.

Ever wondered why it takes you so long to mix?

Why does it feel like you mix for hours and your mixes still suffer?

Well, there is a good chance your tracks were doomed to fail before you even opened up your session to start mixing.

Great mixes start on recording day.

You will learn how to record professional sounding drums, acoustics, bass, electric guitars, Vocals, and more inside a small real home studio on budget gear.

The same methods I used on one of my client's songs that recently reached the top of the Texas Music Charts beating out major label acts for the #1 spot!


Some of the things inside Recording With Confidence...

  • The must know differences between digital and analog recording and how to set your recording sessions up for success in the digital world

  •  Multiple mic techniques for each instrument and best practices for studio owners and musicians working in less than ideal rooms.

  • The most important recording step most people skip when it comes to mic placement that can make or break each track.

"By at large the course was clear, well made and didn’t go at the speed of light. The real examples and sounds of alternate drum mic techniques and acoustic guitar mic placement was very revealing. For someone with a small studio, or like myself about to build one, this course should prove to be invaluable. I learned loads and it turned out to be a better investment than I thought it would be. Some of the creative courses available even at 10 times the price are dire and not as informative as yours."

George M. (Student of Recording With Confidence Video Course)

Bonus #3

Personal Mix Critique ($100 Value)

I'm not the God Father or All time master when it comes to mixing, but I'm very experienced and know a good mix when I hear one.

Simply email me an MP3 of your mix and I will listen and provide you an email with my honest feedback.

Having another set of ears on your tracks can help point out any problems you may have overlooked.

I'm here to help you craft a killer sounding mix you can be proud of!

So here's what you're getting with the Mixing With Confidence Video Course:

  • All 7 Mixing With Confidence training modules with over 6 hours of in depth step-by-step training ($1000 value)

The "Mixing Tool Kit" with

  •  Downloadable audio files from 4 songs in different genres. Hip Hop, Country Rock, Country, and Americanna Rock ($100 value)

  • Mixing Cheat Sheet to streamline your mixes from here on out ($25 value)

  • Optimize your Room PDF to get the most out of your room and speakers. You will also learn Pro listening techniques to make sure your mixes sound the way you want them to. ($50 value)

Extra Bonuses

  • Bonus 1 - EQ Master Class - Take a deeper dive into mastering EQ with real world practical EQ techniques and examples. Also learn advanced EQ techniqes ($97 Value)

  • Bonus 2 - The complete Recording With Confidence Video Course which will teach you how to record tracks that virtually mix themselves ($147 value)

  • Bonus 3  - Personalized Mix Critique where I will listen to your final mix and give you my honest feedback and help you create that perfect mix!($100 value)

Total value for all of this amazing training = $1,519

If all this did was...

If all this course did was help you quickly create clear, balanced, pro sounding mixes that would gain floods of truthful compliments from friends, family, new listeners, and paid clients would it be worth it?

If all this course did was FINALLY give you a sense of accomplishment knowing that you can create mixes that compete with your favorite artists' songs, and that you did it all in your home studio on gear you already own would it be worth it?

But today you get access to all of this starting at only one payment of $47

Choose your package

You're seconds away...

When you login to the private members area you will have immediate access to all the content.

You can watch the courses on any device you like: Desktop, tablet, phone. As long as you have internet access you have the trainings!

By the way! You have lifetime access to all the material even if I update it and add new trainings in the future.

I wanted to make access to this training as accessible as possible so depending on your budget there is a package for everyone

"Scott has “Mixing with Confidence” laid out perfectly for anyone wanting polished mixes ready for radio and to start bringing in those clients! I am so glad that he also includes the answers for “Why EQ and Why COMPRESS this track” and with great detail and easy to follow technique. Plus, all the other tricks that WORK because this course is done right! So glad I ran across “The Recording Solution” and these extensive courses packed full of bonus material. Finally, my mixes are where I was trying to achieve, only better. Full, wide along with a punchy kick and bass dead center and will play right anywhere. Scott’s technique is a thorough and sensible way of mixing. I’ve spent hours and hours trying different tricks I had found online but still couldn’t be satisfied. Just hitting a brick wall. I am very pleased with Scott and “The Recording Solution” finally getting me there. A1!  Thanks Scott, well done!"

Larry C. (Student)



One Time Payment

  • Mixing With Confidence Video Course

  • Downloadable Audio Files (4 Songs /Different Genres
  • Mixing Cheat Sheet
  • Optimize Your Room PDF

  • EQ Master Class
  • Recording With Confidence Video Course
  • Personal Mix Critique

Buy Now $47
Buy Now $97



One Time Payment

  • Mixing With Confidence Video Course
  • Downloadable Audio Files (4 Songs /Different Genres
  • Mixing Cheat Sheet
  • Optimize Your Room PDF
  • EQ Master Class
  • Recording With Confidence Video Course
  • Personal Mix Critique

Buy Now $147

There are 2 types of people...

Some people search for days, weeks, or years on the internet learning random mixing tips and tricks, but when they try and implement them in their own mixes they are left with a weak, unbalanced, unflattering mix that they are never proud of.

They can never piece it all together and waste so much time and money with mediocre results.

Others take action and get the training they need. They find a proven system and path others have figured out with successful results, and learn from them  to accomplish their mixing goals faster.

Which one sounds more appealing?

Right now many of us just want to create mixes at a professional level without having to spend thousands of dollars on gear and plugins thinking that would solve all our problems.

Some of us are musicians who are tying to make it in this music business and we don't want to go broke just to create our art. We just want more spotify or soundcloud hits so that our music can be discovered.

Some of us are just doing this for a hobby and just want to create something for themselves, their friends, and family to enjoy.

Some of us want to make a living as an audio engineer and gain paying clients, but we feel like our skills are sub par and we don't have the resources to go to a university or academy.

That's why I built this course. For all of you!

Imagine a few months from now...

You fire up your next mix with a clear path and you're confident in what you need to do to create a clear, musical, warm, and exciting mix.

You are able to make crucial EQ, Compression, and FX decisions quickly without second guessing yourself and wondering if you're doing it right.

Imagine showing your friends, family, band mates, or clients your latest project and receiving a ton of compliments on how amazing and professional it sounds.

This can be a reality for you - I'm proof of that because that's what's happened for me and I'm here to guide you every step of the way!

Grab your copy of Mixing With Confidence today and lets start mixing!

You're Mixing Mentor,

Scott Wiggins



One Time Payment

  • Mixing With Confidence Video Course

  • Downloadable Audio Files (4 Songs /Different Genres
  • Mixing Cheat Sheet
  • Optimize Your Room PDF

  • EQ Master Class

  • Recording With Confidence Video Course
  • Personal Mix Critique

Buy Now $47
Buy Now $97



One Time Payment

  • Mixing With Confidence Video Course
  • Downloadable Audio Files (4 Songs /Different Genres
  • Mixing Cheat Sheet
  • Optimize Your Room PDF
  • EQ Master Class
  • Recording With Confidence Video Course
  • Personal Mix Critique

Buy Now $147
P.S. Don't forget that when you purchase the Mixing With Confidence Video course you are doing so risk free. You have an entire 60 days to go through the course and start implementing the real world practical strategies and techniques, see what kind of results you get, and THEN decide if it's right for you or not.
P.P.S. Trust me when I say, once you're able to create the mixes you've always wanted to inside your own studio you will feel so excited and have an overwhelming sense of accomplishment because you FINALLY got the results you could actually HEAR for the 1st time.
Don't wast more time and money trying to piece it all together. Grab a proven mixing system that works!
I want you to skip all the years and frustrations that I had to go through to put this all together. This is a fast track to your mixing success.
It couldn't get any better unless I was right there with you, but that's what it will feel like!
See you on the inside!
Scott Wiggins

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