Mixing Vocals By Stacking Effects For Great Results!

mixing vocals

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Mixing Vocals is an important subject, because vocals are the most important part of most songs.

It can be challenging to set the right vocal EQ to make it cut through the mix.
Sometimes it’s hard to get the right vocal compression to make it exciting and in your face.
In my opinion, the most difficult part to really get a grasp on is setting the right effects to convey the emotion you want to the listener.
Do you use reverb? Do you use delay? Do you use both?
These are all subjective decisions you must make depending on what the song presents you.
Meaning, what is the emotion of the song? Is it happy, sad, energetic, or slow?
I let the song tell me what it needs, and then trust my gut and my taste to send me in the direction I think the song should go when it comes to effects.
Maybe it should be more ambient if the song is melancholy or makes you think?
Maybe it should be more dry and have less effects if its a hard fast rock song.
Again, this is all subjective and you have to develop your taste over time.
In the video example below, the song was kind of funky and talking about always having one too many drinks by the end of the night.
So when it came time for mixing vocals, I wanted an effect to match the emotion and feeling of the song.
At 1st something was missing, so I stacked another effect on a reverb to get out what I was hearing in my head.
Check it out!
Try this out next time you’re mixing vocals, and leave a comment below to let me know how it worked out for you.
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