The #1 Winner Of All Mixing Tips – Understand EQ Vid 1

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I believe the proper understanding and use of EQ is the MOST powerful tool in your recording and mixing tips arsenal.

The main goal in a mix is to make everything balanced.

So after setting up proper gain staging, and getting  the initial balance of just volume faders, and pan knobs, which some call a “static mix”, EQ is the 1st plugin I use to start sculpting away unwanted frequencies, or painting in some color.

I know some of you may role your eyes when I talk about mixing as an artform, but it is!

It’s an extension of the artist who wrote, and performed this material on recording day. Just like how recording is an artform. It all ties together.

That’s why when EQing I view myself as a sculptor and a painter.

You’re either chipping away unwanted frequencies to reveal and highlight the good frequencies, or you’re boosting and adding “color” to tracks to enhance the sound that is already there.

Mixing tips can be found in abundance all over the internet, but I hate to break it to you, not one of those tips will individually make your mix sound awesome.

It’s a 1000 little moves that make a mix great. If you can understand EQ then you have a head start on reaching that end goal of a great mix.

I’m not saying all these mixing tips are not helpful, hell I have plenty on my site and Youtube.

I’m just saying to really dig deep and take a big bite out of understanding EQ. It’s really not that hard.

I’m still learning a ton and have by no means mastered it, but you will be surprised how much progress you can make with EQ in a short period of time with the right training

So if  you’re new to EQ or just need a refresher, start with my 1st vid of my EQing with confidence series above.

Click here for Vid 2 In my EQ series: Subtractive EQ.

Thanks for reading!

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