Mixing Drums – How To Make Home Drum Recordings Sound HUGE

mixing drums

Mixing Drums that were recorded in a living room can be quite difficult when it comes to adding a sense of space.

Let’s face it, us home studio guys and gals don’t have the luxury to record drums inside a large professional studio like the picture above at Blackbird studios.
I WISH that was my home studio! I did paint my walls that burgundy/redish color though.
Close enough!
Anyways, the typical home studio drum recordings were done in a bedroom, living room, garage, or basement.
Even with acoustic treatment, and strategic mic placement, we are still left with the limitations of our room size.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t get a great drum recording inside a home studio.
In fact I get great drum sounds all the time. I just want to show you a trick when when it comes to mixing drums that will add that sense of space that we were missing on recording day.

What’s The Secret?

Well it’s not really a secret, I actually borrowed this trick from Steven Slate over at Slate Digital.
Slate Digital makes bad ass plugins to bring the analogue feel to the digital world.
He makes a “fake” space, or faux space that sounds like a large awesome drum room sound.
I shot a video showing you how to set this up when mixing drums in your next project.
Check it out below.

I don’t have those plugins!

Don’t worry if you don’t have the Slate Digital plugins like I do.
In the video above I’ll also show how I use stock plugins inside of protools to emulate the result when mixing drums.
You should have stock plugins that can get the job done inside of your DAW if you don’t have protools.
So chill! You got this!
These kind of “tricks” are why I LOVE mixing and technology these days.
It evens the playing field for us home studio dudes and chicks to create those large sounds we hear on our favorite records.
So fire up you next project, and when it’s time for mixing drums, use this technique to take them to the next level.
Let me know how it worked out for you in the comments below.

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