Mixing Better With EQ – Additive EQ Vid 3

Video 1 in my EQ series we discussed the controls and how to use them.

In video 2 we covered subtractive EQ, and how using this method can yield a more pleasant natural sound.

In Vid 3 we will discuss additive EQ, and how you can enhance whats already there by boosting, or adding small amounts of volume on individual frequency bands.

Additive EQ, or boosting, is sometimes frowned upon by audio engineers.

They argue that you can paint yourself into a bad corner with unnatural results, and eat up very precious headroom.

Using this method can yield these negative results if done incorrectly, but if used correctly, can add energy, excitement, snap and grit!

Additive Eq can get certain elements of a song to pop out just right in a dense mix.

Below is a video covering this a little more in depth.

Check out Video 4 in my EQ series: Complimentary EQ.

Comment below and let me know your thoughts on additive EQ vs Subtractive EQ.

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