Mixing Bass Guitar To Poke Out In The Mix

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Mixing bass guitar for me is always the hardest to get right. As a matter of fact, the low end of a mix is always the hardest for me to get right.

The low end usually consists of the Kick drum, and some sort of bass instrument.

This could be a typical electric or acoustic bass guitar, or some sort of synth bass.

Whatever it may be, getting the kick drum and bass guitar to sit just right can be challenging.

The Video below shows you one way I go about mixing bass guitar to poke out in a dense mix and be heard.

Using a little parallel processing can go a long way.

All parallell processing means is using two of the same tracks side by side, but doing different Eq, compression, or effects moves to one, and then blending it in with the other.

That way you keep the original sound you created, but can manipulate the 2nd track to sound all whacked out and funky, and then blend in the 2nd track just a little to add some character.

In this instance, I use some hard distortion, and some drastic EQ moves on one of the bass tracks to get it to sound really gritty and edgy.

Then I pull the fader up along side the original bass track until I can hear something happening that’s positively affecting the original signal.

It’s easy to get carried away, so always check in context with the whole mix playing.

In this instance, I also make these moves while mixing in mono.

That way I can more accurately decide if what I am doing is actually a good thing.

So next time you’re mixing bass guitar, try this trick and see what happens.

Leave a comment below and let me know how it worked out for you.

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Happy recording and Mixing!

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