How To Mix Music: Mixing In Mono (video)

When learning how to mix music, mixing in MONO is one of the most important tools you need to learn first.

The most common problem I hear from people is that their mixes don’t translate into real world listening environments. They tell me their mixes sound great in their studio, but when they bounce it down and take it out into their car for instance, their mix falls apart.

I’ve been there. It sucks. You spent hours, if not days tweaking your mix inside your home studio, and then you’re disappointed when you listen to it in your car, or your headphones.

The bass may be to loud, or the vocals not loud enough. What the hell!?

One hack you can use to make sure this does not happen is to mix in MONO.

Once I wrapped my head around this concept, and actually started implementing it on my mixes, WOW was it a game changer.

I went from doubting if  I could ever do this audio mixing thing, to proving to my self that  I could.

From all the tutorials  I watched, and questions I asked my mentors on how to mix music, THIS one got me the closest to my goals in a shorter period of time.

It took my mixes from mediocre to competing with what I heard on the radio. It helped my mixes translate into all real world listening environments.

When I listened in my car, on my iPhone, in normal apple headphones, and my tv stereo system, my mixes were sounding great.

That gave me the confidence to show my friends, my family, and to eventually get clients and get paid to mix.

Go ahead and give it a try. What have you got to lose? You’ll thank me later. Please Leave a comment below and lets discuss.

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