Mix Buss EQ: Little Moves = GREAT results!

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Mix buss processing can be a little scary at 1st.
You can easily ruin a good mix fast.
You can also enhance a good mix fast with a bunch of different processing.
I like to use some analogue emulating plugins from Slate Digital to make it sound like it was run through the circuits of a $100k board and an awesome tape machine.
I also do very little compression just to tame the peaks and “glue” everything together.
My favorite mix buss move is EQ though.
EQ in general is probably the most effective tool when it comes to shaping a mix.
Using EQ on the mix buss ( your master fader where all the individual tracks dump into) can be a nice way to shape the whole mix at one time.
I like to think of eq on the individual tracks as fine calculated paintbrush strokes, and on the mix buss as long broad smooth brush strokes.
By doing eq moves on the mix buss you’re kind of acting as a mastering engineer using very small cuts or boosts to enhance the stereo mix as a whole.
It’s pretty cool when you think about the power you have there!
Just be very careful you don’t “paint” yourself into a corner.
Things can get shaky real fast. Check out how 4 small eq moves on my mix buss enhanced an already good sounding mix.
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