Delay effect from one of the greats! (Video)

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delay effect

I was showed this freakin sweet guitar delay effect recently by Bobby Owinsky, a well established audio engineer.  It’s how Hank Marvin, one of the most influential guitar players ever, sets up his delay effect on his guitars.
Eric Clapton, David Gillmore, Jeff Beck, and Neil Young are a few famous guitar slingers who credit Hank for the way they play.
The cool thing when learning a new mixing trick, is that they usually can be used on different sources than originally intended.
Once you learn how to set up and implement this delay effect, try using it on vocals, piano, snare, kick, hell even the kazoo.
Mixing is supposed to be fun and creative! I tried it on vocals after learning this trick and really liked it.
A lot of the times when we learn a new trick, or get a new toy (new compressor, effects plugin, etc. etc.) we tend to over do it out of excitement.
The key is to blend to taste and make it fit the song and the music. Sometimes less is more.
So fire up this new delay effect on your next mix or recording and have some fun.
Let me know how it works out for you. Enjoy!

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