5 simple steps on how to record vocals

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How to record vocals
It’s a little intimidating when first learning how to record vocals. I remember the anxiety of making sure I get the vocal recording just right, because after all, the vocals are the #1 element of the song that people focus on.
After setting up your rig, which can be as simple as one mic, a one channel audio interface, Garage Band, and a little acoustic treatment, there are 5 simple ways to get a great vocal sound. Obviously it starts with a good singer, but once you have that then it’s not that hard if you follow these tips. I have a blueprint you can have for free if you’re wondering what gear you need to start recording.
In the video below I go into more depth and explanation, but it really boils down to:
1. Picking a mic (this is not as big of a deal as you may think)
2. Pop filter
3. Proper Distance
4. Proper gain staging
5. Working the mic to your advantage

My philosophy

When learning how to record vocals, or any instrument for that matter, I follow the philosophy of “It’s not the gear that make
a good recording, it’s the engineer”.
It comes down to learning and implementing a few key techniques and “guidelines” I should say, and you will be well on your way to a good if not great vocal sound!
It doesn’t matter what genre your vocalist is performing in, these tips will help you get the right sound you need so you can get to the finish line quicker, which is for all of us, making killer sounding recordings, right!?
So dive into the video below, and I will explain in further detail the 5 topics mentioned above. Please let me know if and when you implement these strategies and I’d love to hear how your next vocal recording turned out!

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