How To Mix Songs – Step 1- The Static Mix

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Learning how to mix songs in your home studio can be overwhelming at 1st.

Ever thought to yourself… “I don’t really know what to do first”?
Today I want to show you the 1st crucial thing I do on EVERY mix in order to take my raw tracks to a finished polished mix.
You will find plenty of EQ, Compression, and Effects tutorials on my site, and all over the web, but this is none of that.
The simple “trick” is what is called the “static mix”, or “gut mix”, or in other words the initial balance.
When I was 1st starting to learn how to mix songs I thought it was all about the best EQ or compression moves that got your mix to sound like the pros.
EQ and compression are very important, but getting you tracks in the right balance BEFORE you add EQ or Compression is key.
All you have to do is spend some time at the very beginning of your mix adjusting volume faders and pan knobs.
how to mix songs

Balance Engineers

We may call ourselves recording and mixing engineers, but we are essentially just balance engineers.
Our job is to balance the tracks in a song so that every thing is audible and “glued” together in a musical way that is entertaining and fun.
These days I spend upwards of 10-30 minutes on my initial static mix just messing around with the volume and pan knobs trying to get the best balance I can.
I mess will LCR panning and just turn things up or down. It’s very simple but effective!
If you can get the song you’re mixing to start sounding good with just volume and pan moves then you’re starting off in the most optimal spot when it comes time to add EQ ¬†and other processing.
I’ve shot a video below of me doing this in real time. Check it out below and start incorporating this into you work flow from now on.
Learning how to mix songs is hard, but it can be easier if you start out on the right foot.
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Happy Mixing !

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