Using Drum Samples And Loops For Pre Production

Drum Samples

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Drum samples and loops can be a fun way to set the tone for your song in pre production. 

I’m by no means a drum programmer or beat maker, so if this white boy can mess around with some midi virtual instruments and get them sounding cool so can you!
I show you all of this in the video below.
I just fired up my midi controller M Audio Keystation 49 and plugged it into my computer via USB.
I then created a few “Instrument” tracks and ¬†added some virtual instrument plugins so I could find the sounds I wanted.
I found some drum samples of kicks, snares, shakers and all kinds of cool sounds.
Then I used a virtual drum program and brought in some acoustic drum loops to mess around with.
It was a little time consuming but I had a blast doing it!
I then recorded some scratch acoustic and vocal parts so when the band comes in we all know where to play.
Really EASY! Plus it set the tone and energy of the song I’m wanting.
Check out part 1 of building a song starting with drum samples and loops below.

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