Delay Effect into Reverb Effect – Awesome Results!

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delay effect

A lot of times, and I’m guilty of it, we settle on one type of delay effect, reverb effect, etc etc…

Meaning, we slap an effect on and leave it at that.

How about you take it a step further and run effects into effects and see what kind of cool sounds you can come up with?

One of my favorite tricks is to run a delay effect into a reverb effect.

You can also switch things up and run a reverb effect into the delay effect.

There are no rules when it comes to mixing. There are some fundamentals you need to learn when you start out, but after that it’s up to your imagination.

My way of thinking is “if it sounds good, then it sounds good”.

No need to analyze if you’re “supposed” to mix that way or not.

Experiment and have fun with your mixes. You may uncover a new way of doing things.

It takes years to fine tune your approach to mixing, and I’m sure it will change multiple times.

That’s ok!

Here is just one trick you can put in your bag.

On your next mix, run a delay effect into a reverb and see what happens.

Comment below and let me know what you think.

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