Audio Compression Part 4 – Parallel Compression

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Part 4 in this audio compression series deals with parallel compression. 

I’ve also heard it called “New York” style compression, so if you see that phrase just know it’s the same thing.
In a nut shell it just means you have a copy of the original source, ie: a vocal, snare drum, bass guitar etc.. etc…
You compress it in a way to make it more full, have more transient, less transient, or over the top crazy sounding.
Then you turn it all the way down and slowly bring it up in volume next to your original source and blend them together.
What you’re trying to accomplish is keeping the integrity of the original source, and then just adding a little extra awesome sauce to the sound with some parallel compression!
Check it out in action in the video below, and don’t forget to comment and share with a friend!
To learn what all the knobs on a compressor do check out this break down on audio compression. 

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