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Welcome! My name is Scott Wiggins 

I Started this site to help DIY musicians make better music inside their home or project studios.

 Are  you looking for  a one stop shop for learning tried and tested recording and mixing techniques?

Are you feeling amateur about your recording and mixing skills and want that to change?

If so then you are in the right place!  
I want to fill the gaps in your training and be the “Solution” to your problems of creating better recordings and mixes
Have you ever heard the expression it’s the ear NOT the gear?
A lot of people get caught up in the myth that you can only make professional recordings and mixes if you can afford the best gear.
It’s just not true. People are making GREAT sounding music on budget gear. I’m proud to say I’m one of them.  BUT I had to put the time in to learning the right way to do things.
If you are like me when I first started out, you would get bits and pieces of training here and there. Try new things that you thought you had a grasp on, but didn’t have the whole picture.  You were just left with mediocre results. 
You can keep doing that same old non productive way of learning, or you can do what I did… find the proper training.
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In no time you’ll be able to record killer tracks and mix those tracks to be able to stand against the pros.
You will learn PROVEN methods and techniques that have been passed down form my mentors, from their mentors, to me, and now to YOU.
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Tired of bad recordings and Mixes?

About Scott Wiggins

I’m a touring recording artist, singer/songwriter, producer, recording/mix engineer, and music lover. I’ve written and recorded multiple songs which have made it into the top Ten on the TX Music Charts.
I have over 15 years experience creating, and sharing music with the world. I’ve had the privilege of recording my music with grammy nominated engineers, and also mentoring under award winning engineers in real studios and on platforms similar to this.
My goal is to take what I have learned, and everything I continue to learn and share it with the awesome people here on The Recording Solution.