This One Trick Could Save Your Snare Sound

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If you are going to mic the top and bottom of your snare on your next recording, you need to know this trick or you could potentially ruin you snare tone.

You also need to know this if you are mixing a song that has a top and bottom snare mic option.

You could spend a lot of time trying to EQ and Compress the snare to get it sounding the  way you hear it in your head, not realizing this one thing could of saved you hours of time.

If you flip the phase of either the top or bottom snare, your snare tone will stay fat and crisp.

When you mic the top and bottom snare, the sound from the drummer’s stick hitting the snare hits the top mic a few milliseconds sooner, or later, than it hits the bottom mic.

So the audio wave forms from the top and bottom mic could harm each other and cancel out the fat, crisp tone of your snare.

Simply by flipping the phase of one or the other can prevent this.

The phase button is the 0 with a diagonal line through it.

Sometimes an audio interface or a preamp has this, and you can flip the phase during the recording stage. If you don’t have any gear that has a phase button during recording, simply find a plugin that does when mixing.

In Protools, the stock eq has a phase button that I can use to take care of the issue.

Below is a video demonstrating what happens when you don’t flip the phase when using 2 mics on the top and bottom of a snare.


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