2 cool ways to use Multiband Compression

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multiband compression
Multiband Compression scares the hell out of some people including myself sometimes.

I’ve really started using it a lot on my mixes from individual tracks, to busses, and also on my stereo bus, or master fader, or 2 bus, or…… so MANY names for the same thing!

I’ve found that multiband compression adds some excitement and energy that you can’t really get from a lot of other plugins.

I’ve seen tutorials on how to use it from well know mixers like Tony Maserati, and Fab Dupont, and have implemented those techniques on my mixes.

It can take a pretty good vocal and just make it POP. Make it move and feel alive. I love it!

Multiband Compression is kind of like and EQ when it comes to the different band of frequencies you can affect.

Think about an EQ that has lows, low mids, high mids, and high frequency bands you can manipulate.

Well multiband compression does the same thing except it compresses those bands. like on a normal compressor you can manipulate the attack, release, threshold etc… on each band separately.

Having these controls on individual bands allows you to achieve some unique sounding results when slapping it on individual tracks.

It can also be used as an EQ to dip out problem frequencies only when they occur, and then leave the source alone when that frequency is not present in that source.

For instance, say you have a really good bass guitar tone, but on certain low notes, there is this big build up in the low mids that you want to get rid of.

Your 1st instinct would be to grab an EQ and dip that frequency out. The problem there is you may need that frequency in the bass on other notes to fill it out. So what do you do?!

Well a multiband compressor can dip those out at the exact moments you don’t need those problem frequencies, and then leave them alone when you do need them.

Pretty cool!

I’ve shot a video showing you a couple ways you can set this up. Enjoy!

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think or if you’ve  used multiband compression in any cool ways.

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